Sail a Tall Ship

ALL HANDS ON DECK!    PREPARE TO SET SAIL!    HOIST AWAY!  Your employees get to be the ships crew on this exciting adventure. Under the command of our U.S. Coast Guard licensed captain and highly qualified staff, the Topsail Schooner "Bay Lady" embarks on a voyage of learning and confidence building.

Rendezvous Charters offers a unique educational experience. It's the opportunity to participate in sailing a piece of California's maritime heritage. Help us hoist the gaffs on the HUGE mainsail and foresail. Help set the jibs, trim sail and tack the boat by 'wearing' ship.

We'll talk about sailing theory, how to get a schooner going upwind, sail and line handling; all in an environment of safety and FUN!

This is a GREAT way to get your team working together!

Program Time Minimum of three hours
Vessels Bay Lady or Yukon Jack
Max. Passengers 70
Food See sample menu
Beverage Anything but hard liquor
Cost Contact us for a FREE quote
Other activities Can Combine with Angel Island BBQ (6 hours min)

*Depending on the height of tide

Questions?       CALL US  415-543-7333